Mia Hempey

CEO, Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP

Mia Hempey is the Chief Executive Officer for Nelligan Law. Mia is a decisive leader with an innovative and fresh perspective on law firm management. She is responsible for the strategic direction for all aspects of the firm’s operations, including human resources, information systems, accounting and finance, and marketing.

Before joining the firm, Mia was president of ctc TrainCanada, recognized as one of Canada’s largest corporate training providers. She also founded and was president of CTE Solutions, a local technology training company, which she later sold to a national training business. Before she was an entrepreneur, Mia held various senior management positions at high-tech companies in the region.
Mia volunteered for five years on the Board of Directors for Entrepreneur’s Organization, a global network that allows entrepreneurs to learn and grow from one another. In addition, she was chosen by Microsoft to sit on its Partner Advisory Council, a global council for strategic partners to help inform and influence Microsoft Learning.

In 2021, Mia is being recognized by the Canadian Law Awards as an Excellence Awardee for Managing Partner of the Year. In her career, Mia had received several other awards, including the “Businesswoman of the Year – Entrepreneur” award from the Women’s Business Network of Ottawa, and many years ago, she was the recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” award.

Mia credits her optimism as a key ingredient to her success – specifically, finding opportunities in challenges. She excels at building relationships to foster a collaborative work environment. Mia is approachable and well-regarded by her colleagues, able to use her personality to build consensus and trust amongst team members.

Outside of work, Mia enjoys weekends at the cottage with family and friends, and is passionate about travel and good wine. She is the proud mom of two wonderful sons, and nothing gives Mia greater pleasure than hearing their laughter.